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December 03, 2008


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I biased I know but I love option 4. 1. They are mine :o) 2. It shows how easy it was for you to capture the true personality of my little ones. All of the other options are good choices too...

Option #2... but I don't want to win any sticker.

I love that option 1.I love babies.too good photo.That baby is looking like small angel.

Okay, so I am not entering to win the give away. I am on a giveaway hiatus since I have won 2 giveaways in the past month. It does make me sad that I am on a giveaway hiatus because those owls are so stinkin' cute! However, I still want to vote. I love all the options, but I think Option #2 would look great on a business card.

I love option #2, and I would love the gift enclosure cards and stickers-- thanks for the chance to win!
borsky_dre at yahoo dot com

I like Option 4. That is just adorable!!! Cute giveaway too :) I love the cards. Found you through Pink Chick!!

I think option #2. Shows great staging.

I love option 4! Me being a mom, I am drawn to this picture because it shows the ease you have with children. I would be interested in seeing what you could do with mine! :)

I love option 4!! Pink Chick sent me. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

Okay...so you know I love my child as well as my niece, but...for your business card I'm going with Option #4. It doesn't look posed and is so in the moment, which to me expresses your style the best! : ) Oh, and if Chad wins, I'll take his winnings!!!

I love #4. My god..so cute..lovely smile!!!!

I like #6!

I love #1 or #4

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